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How to Shrink a VMware Virtual Machine and Free Up Disk Space

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Firefox 89 update fixes several vulnerabilities. Chrome 91 update fixes vulnerabilities. Free UpdateStar Packs to setup your computer software. Why you should think about using a VPN to protect your privacy. Then click OK button to close the window. After this operation, the size of. In the end, you can also shrink virtual machine disk size by third-party tool.

Actually, the more files in virtual machine, the more space the virtual machine disk occupies. So, cleaning up the junk files in the virtual machine can effectively reduce the space occupied by the virtual hard disk. For more convenience, you can install a cleanup tool in the virtual machine and use it to remove the useless files from virtual machine.

Here I recommend a cleanup tool named iSunshare System Genius that designed to clean up the junk files and the registry to free up disk space with one click. Here are detailed steps to use it to free up virtual machine disk.

Step 1 : Open the virtual machine in VMware Workstation and download and install this tool on your virtual machine. Then launch it. Step 2 : Click Scan button to scan and the virtual machine thoroughly.

Step 3 : Wait for a while until scanning is completed and the scan results will be shown on the screen, listing all kinds of useless files on your computer.

Then click Clean button to clean up all the selected files in one go. Step 4 : Once completed, click OK button to exit. Ultimately, the virtual machine has freed up a lot of space and the size of virtual disk has been shrunken successfully. Tips : In addition, iSunshare System Genius is a multi-functional Windows optimization utility that can help you free up system disk space with one click, disable the auto-run programs and manage Windows system services, etc.

This article was helpful. Method 1: Shrink virtual machine disk size by Compacting disk Method 2: Shrink virtual machine disk size with Disk Cleanup Method 3: Shrink virtual machine disk size by third-party tool Method 1: Shrink virtual machine disk size by Compacting disk VMware Workstation provides us with a feature that allows us to compress disks to reclaim the unused space.


Vmware workstation 14 reduce disk size free download

Windows 11 Widget Panel Update. Here I recommend a cleanup tool named iSunshare System Genius that designed to clean up the junk files and the registry to free up disk space with one click.


Vmware workstation 14 reduce disk size free download


Super User is a question vmware workstation 14 reduce disk size free download answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. The file is currently 20 GB, but it is growing everyday, vmware workstation 14 reduce disk size free download though I’m not storing anything new in the guest file system.

I have been looking for hours for a way to reduce the maximum size of this diskso that it never gets to GB I’d like to set the limit to 30 GB, and see what happens when the VM reaches this size. Although this task seems technically quite simple there is no tricky shrinking involved, just a simple change of size limitI’m really out of ideas here Defragment the disk via the guest, choosing a defragmentation mode that consolidates empty vmware workstation 14 reduce disk size free download at the end of the disk.

For a Windows guest, you should empty the Recycle Bin and turn off hibernation and paging, returning them after the defragmentation is done. Zero all unused space on the disk. For Windows use sdelete : sdelete -c. Shrink больше на странице disk which may take quite a long time to complete.

Or use : vmware-vdiskmanager. Converting the disk from growable to preallocated could stop its growing. This can be done using vmware-vdiskmanager with the -t parameter whose values are:. If you wish to change the size of the disk, this should be done while the disk is still in growable format examples here. The file is currently 20GB, but it is growing everyday, even though I’m not storing anything new in the guest file system.

Because the OS and its application programs temporarily use lots vmware workstation 14 reduce disk size free download disk space for temporary files, page files, hibernate file and config files. Once they get deleted depending on the policy of the OS new sectors on disk are used at the next time. The VM allocate storage for the virtual disk from real disk whenever a new sector is used in the virtual disk. As the sector on virtual disk are always not reused by guest OS the VM thinks its a disk usage and give space from real disk vmware workstation 14 reduce disk size free download this will lead to growing virtual disk image.

Your question title is less likely to be solved as using such a tool without inspection of image may lead to total disaster. But you can prevent growing microsoft office access mui (german) 2010 free download the image beyond 30GB. There are many way ссылка achieve the goal. Use only vmware workstation 14 reduce disk size free download partitioned and leave remaining as free space. As the space in unpartitioned area is never used virtual disk will never grow beyond 30GB.

Create a snapshot and restore to it after usage. After creating snapshot VM store data into a new image file. If you restore to it, without saving or making new snapshots, all changed data is deleted and thus space is freed. Create a new virtual disk of maximum 30GB, add it as a new disk into your current virtual machine, move all data to the new virtual disk using a backup tool.

You may use a live Linux for the cloning. The answer of harrym is pretty good, but it actually does not answer the question. The OP wants to reduce the maximum size. The problem is the hypervisor does not know how much of the presented size aka maximum size is indeed used by the OS. The compaction vmware-vdiskmakager -k applies to a growable vmdk. It does nothing on preallocated one’s.

The first step involves a procedure from within the VM and varies with guest OS. The second step could be supported by the vmware commands but I haven’t found a profound way of doing so. Thus the hacky approach. Here is a non so quick due to large data moving involved and dirty solution that did the trick.

We will need to have available space equal to the maximum device size. Find a way to resize the guest partition and leave unallocated space at the end of the device. Two examples:. Make sure you add at least this number to the disk size. Now we need convert the bytes to sectors dividing by and rounding upwards ceiling. Note this number for step 3. As the hack works on single file preallocated type 2 vmdks haven’t tried on multiple file types we first convert the growable to preallocated.

We will temporarily need a partition with physical space as the maximum size of the device. Open the first disk. Find the line. Yes you get the point, the second field is the number of sectors allocated for the device. This should be the previous device’s size. Now replace that number with the noted number from step one and save the file.

But we resized the fs on the beginning of the device and made correct and safe calculations right? Until now no data have been touched yet. Do this final step to actually trim the extends. We will use the rename functionality of vmware-vdiskmanager to recreate the vmdk with it’s size now trimmed. You’ll have to set the sum of all partitions to be less than 30GB. You’ll have vmware workstation 14 reduce disk size free download shrink the sizes of the partitions down as you go.

Why did you create a GB thin partition if you did not have the space to support it at maximum size? Seems like this is just asking for trouble. Detailed steps here. Note that any changes to VMDK vmware workstation 14 reduce disk size free download will also need a corresponding update to the partition table.

In a Windows virtual machine, you must first run a disk defragment from within Windows. Defragmenting within Windows ensures that all vmware workstation 14 reduce disk size free download the used spaces are contiguous.

You can then reduce the size of the virtual disk. Note: In Workstation 9. Therefore, this option is removed from VMware Tools Panel. This is not available in Linux version of VMware Workstation 9. Click the Shrink tab. Select the drive you want to shrink.

Click Prepare to Shrink, then follow the onscreen instructions. Caution: Do not shut down your virtual machine or the host machine while the disk is shrinking. Also, do not try to cancel the process. Interrupting this process can cause irreparable damage to your virtual disk and you may not be able to start your virtual machine again. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge.

Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more about Teams. VMware Workstation: how to reduce. Asked 9 years, 2 months ago. Modified 4 years, 10 months ago. Viewed 82k times. I have a GB disk file.

Creating a new blank virtual machine of the desired size in order to copy the 20GB data onto the new. Looking in the. Is there a solution at all? Improve this question. Hennes 64k 7 7 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first.

The usual procedure for reducing the size of a. This can be done using vmware-vdiskmanager with the -t parameter whose values are: 0 : single growable virtual disk 1 : growable virtual disk split in 2Gb files 2 : single preallocated virtual disk 3 : preallocated virtual disk split in 2Gb files The following command will convert the. Improve this answer. DanielB: No, it doesn’t reduce the maximal size, just the physical size. Reducing the maximal size can be dangerous, as some OS cannot boot without some free space on the system disk.

However, this does not completely solve my problem, as if I want to keep the VMDK always under, let’s say vmware workstation 14 reduce disk size free download, I will have to periodically repeat the operation which takes a long time indeed. If the disk can always be slimmed down to the wanted size, meaning that the procedure above always works to reduce the size, then you could увидеть больше the size in the future by converting the disk to fixed-size.


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